Sunday, 10 March 2013


My ego wants to kill me
It wants to lead me down the garden path
Then jump me from behind the bushes
With a laugh and black ski mask

It will tell me all is well
So that I let my guard down
Then it'll drag me into hell
Through all the bars in town

It will whisper of my greatness
That I'm better than all this
Then yell out all my failures
That I'm a sorry piece of shit

It will assure me it's all right
To get behind the wheel
Then it will abandon me
Behind cold bars of steel

It will seduce me with its lies
Into another's bed
Then it will wake me up next morning
To face what I've done with dread

It will promise me the world
But only give me pain
And I will keep on heeding it
To do this all again

So now I muster up the courage
To surrender to something else
My ego takes that ski mask off
And I'm looking at myself

I can't do this anymore
I've lost, but now I win
With that one life is over
And another one begins

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