Saturday, 24 November 2012


Billie Jean is my lover, and I am the one
I met her undercover, and the kid is my son

I'm hot-tempered, cold-blooded,
Gold-plated and diamond-studded
Turning down action just as fast as it comes
Don't be sad, you're just another of the unchosen ones

I'm the cheese, because I stand alone
Don't need anybody or anything, I just get by on my own
Thank you for the offer, but you're very much mistaken
I'll fix you some breakfast, but I won't make bacon

It's pretty BASIC
20 GOTO 10
And then you type RUN

She may be a Maneater, but she'll break a few teeth
'Cause I look tasty on the outside, but I'm hard underneath

Ya, I may be a laugh, but I ain't no George Smiley
And this ain't no Circus, girl, so don't get all wily
And don't get Crafty,, I ain't talking about collage
I'm talking about the relationship you're out to Sabotage

I saw you coming from a hundred miles away
You're that predictable, so what can I say
I read your mind like an open copy of Mother Goose
You think you're Mata Hari, but you're just desperate and confused

You got your twisted idea of romance from Fifty Shades of Grey
Well, sorry if I shock you, but I don't treat women like prey
And try this safe word on for size: it's "NO!", it works, you should expect
There's nothing like a little rejection to help regain one's self-respect

Roxanne put on the red light, but I wasn't buying
She tried to sell her body to the night, but now she's crying

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